AC is not cooling While the Stop – blow hot air at idle

There are several reasons why a car AC is not cool when you stop blowing cool and just move. The most common reason for the condenser cooling fan is not working. It is important to know that many times the fan share the radiator and the condenser, even when other twin. The reason why the cooling fan may be bad effects on AC, thus drastically by the fact that the heat of the cooling medium (freon) is usually cooled as it passes through the condenser. So even if the condenser fan does not work, it does not affect the AC, while the car passes the highway speed . This is because the air passes through the condenser, when driving down the road, so that the fan is not required. When the car to a stop, the capacitor is completely dependent on the cooling fan to cool down. Sometimes the fan works, but it may be moving too slowly to sufficiently cool the condenser. To check engine light is a test used to check the growing power and ground from the power outlet. If power and ground are present, and the engine is not running, the motor circuit is open. If the cooling fan motor is worn, you can get started sometimes temporarily lightly touch the fan motor with a small hammer or wrench. If the fan is switched on when this is done, the engine turns will be needed. This is just another way to make sure that you get the power needed to drive it. Also keep in mind that the cooling fan start at any time (some even come in addition to motor) so be careful that you do not stick to your hands, as the blade! Note that if the cooling fan motor has seized, it is likely that the fuse is blown. So, if there is no power to the fan and the motor is locked, the security will more than likely need to be replaced during the fan motor replacement.

other causes Cool Car AC is not in neutral or stop

  1. The car may be overheating – caused by something else to use as a cooling fan.
  2. heat transfer from the radiator and the cooling efficiency can change if the car overheating.
  3. The AC compressor is not pumping sufficiently slowed RPM (revolutions per minute).
  4. expansion valve can not be regulated to the cooling medium.
  5. the capacitor can be bent or hinder foreign debris capacitor until

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There are special combs to straighten fin condenser condenser fins. But in my experience, bent condenser fins is not so much a common problem. The most common problem when you drive in the country, pollen accumulated over time between the ribs. Garbage on the road like a piece of paper or plastic bag to prevent part of the capacitor reduces the performance can happen anywhere. It's funny to me that during my time as an auto technician what the consumer is worried that the AC is not cooling, but did not realize that the car is overheating – even when the thermometer pegged!

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