New developments in air conditioning

Air conditioning is not new; in fact, behind the air chemistry was discovered in the 1800's. However, as many of the devices we take for granted in modern society, recent technological advances have changed the nature of this device is made of apartments and offices, making it more convenient, especially in Jacksonville, Florida.

programmable thermostats

Basic air conditioning was simple: a button to turn it on and off, and probably the second control the fan speed. However, technological progress has in common is a programmable thermostat air conditioning units, such as homeowners modify air conditioning maintenance of perfectly chilled environment. These thermostats is that the AC power-saving because it can be programmed to cool only those parts of the home or workplace, you are using, or turned off, while people in the office or away from home.

Cleaner air

Another development in recent years the focus on cleaner air, and the fact that the climate is functioning and functions of the device.

  • Original Freon gas used in air conditioners – or chlorinated, hyrdofluorocarbon hytrogenated or chlorinated primary coolant. These gases are poisonous and themselves.
  • Newer air conditioners are replaced by the standard gases are those that are less damaging to the environment, and from 2010 to less dangerous gases will be standard on all new units.
  • While the HVAC units are simply used to dry heat or cool air, the latest models of air filter can improve air quality and to even reduce the suffering of people with allergies.

The focus on efficiency

Filter air and get rid of harmful freon is not the only way to cool your home or office has changed. New AC units more energy efficient.

  • Since January 2006, the lowest acceptable SEER (Energy Star energy efficiency rating of the board), new central air conditioning system was raised to 13 from the previous low of 10.
  • more units now use fans to continue to blow off the compressor, utilizing the remaining cold air that would otherwise remain unused

Air conditioning is something we often take for granted, especially in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas. However, each time I enjoy the feeling of cool air inside a hot summer day, we should take a moment to appreciate the way that AC was more energy efficient and less harmful to the environment because of a previous developments.

Source by Drew Himel

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